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June 28, 2013



Hi my name is Shannon Sommers. I feel the need to introduce myself since I am going to blogging for a website. I have always had an itch or bug to write just haven’t been sure of where or how to start. The site I will be writing for recently posted an ad looking for writers that are experienced or inexperienced. I fall into the latter having only put postings up of my little rants on FB, Twitter or Google +., I decided the only way to find out if I had any skills or would be able to do something I’ve always wanted to do was to reach out and put myself out there. Not going to lie after the year I’ve had (I will dive into on later posts) I was scared and nervous. The owner/editor of the blog answered me back and asked me to answer some questions about myself and let me know up front there were many applicants. For some reason hearing that there were many applicants didn’t scare me or worry me, it didn’t matter to me how many people applied I was going to try and do the best I could do and I know if I succeeded in doing that I had an excellent shot. The next day I was given an assignment and oh my let me tell you something this gave me butterflies, I was so excited here’s my shot the one thing I have been wishing for. I thought about what should I write about all night and it prevented me from sleeping. I kept envisioning of writing something that was good and grabbed peoples attention and they walked away knowing I knew what I was laying down to them. The next morning I was so eager I got started early on my idea. I did a bunch of research before thinking of a single word to put down. After my research I took a break and was getting great motivation from my wife’s son. This had me fired up but I still hadn’t figured out a single word to write.

As I sat down to start it was like a faucet of letters and words just came out of my fingers while just smashing keys like crazy. I’m not a very fast typist but this morning it was like my fingers were touching hot charcoals and just dancing all over the keyboard, Before I knew it I had an article written. I decided to take another break and walk away before reading what I had thrown down.

I was wondering in my head what had I just written and why do I feel so good right now. So I ran back to the computer and read my article to myself. I was stunned, this came out me? I’m actually impressed but had I feeling something like this was trapped inside of me dying to get out. I then decided to send it out to friends and see what they thought of it. As I sat feeling scared vulnerable for putting myself out there and many of these folks didn’t know anything about this side of me.  Seemed to take a lifetime to start getting some feedback because everyone was busy working and I’m just sitting here.

Finally word starts coming: Hey Man great article, Loved the article wasn’t to long and kept my attention, Who did you copy this from (hes the funny guy), Great work hope to see more. More and more positive words came in and it was like I was dancing on a cloud. I put myself out there and people loved it.

I had two or three days to work on my assignment according to the editor but here I was less than twenty fours hours after getting it I’m done. I took another big chance I decided to send him my first draft to see if this is what he wanted. I had to wait several hours waiting for his responxe again nervous and vulnerable. I look and I received an email from him saying he liked the article and it hit everything that he was looking for but was in a pickle of posting mine or his. An hour later he sends me another email saying he’s running mine first and make sure I share it with people it was being posted at 8:30 am. I was so excited my first piece I;ve ever done was going out to the masses via the world wide web. What are people going to think of this article were my friends just being polite is it going to generate any traffic to get noticed. I was doing my part along with the other writes of the site promoting my article. All of a sudden I notice I’m getting mentions on twitter (I never get mentions I’m kinda quiet on there), I’m interacting with a bunch of people on there all of a sudden. I’m seeing my friends and family sharing my post on their walls on Facebook. It has traction and is getting attention and I’m so excited I actually have a shot at becoming a writer for this website.

Forty eight hours after I have been given my first assignment I have gone through the gauntlet with my emotions and I was drained I was so tired I needed sleep and didn’t get any the last two night because I was so excited. I fall asleep before I receive any feedback from the most import person in this process the owner/editor.

I wake up feeling rejuvenated and curious if there’s any word from yesterday so I go and check my email. He sent me a message and I have to tell you I felt like there was going to be good news in there but what I received blew me away. He offered me a position to join his staff. Me the guy with no experience the guy who took a chance the guy who now believes it is so true that you can do anything you put your mind too!!!


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